The Random-e principles have years of experience supporting Public Health information technology needs of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and have a strong understanding of the Public Health Infrastructure and technology requirements. We have also gained valuable health experience through our support of the Department of the Army Medical Command and offer expertise in providing solutions to address health information technology challenges across a broad spectrum.

Our consultants are committed to supporting agencies in achieving their public health related goals and mission through effective use of health information technology and knowledge management.

Random-e brings a unique combination of experience, capabilities, and understanding to addressing public health information technology issues. Random-e value also stems from its ongoing management consulting activities and use of industry best practices, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Program Management Professionals (PMP), and ISO 9000 series process standards.

Random-e has the flexibility, foresight, and understanding to bring transformational technology, ideas, and processes to the ever changing Public Health arena. Our public health information technology experts provide information services and IT solutions to help solve complex problems to meet mission critical requirements.